I work with systemic orientated methods such as
  • family boards
  • family in animals
  • life line models
  • family trees
  • visualisation cards
  • sculptures
  • role plays
  • and anything which creates fun and some new perspectives!

You will be seen in your own (new) family, in your original family, in your friends and your work place environment. This kind of view opens you a variety of new important perspectives. It gives you enlightenment, how situations are connected with each other. This gives you insight in personal growth, development for yourself, your family, your carrier and your relationship.

Systemic therapy and counselling

Is one of the most effective and reknown therapy options besides behavioural and other psychotherapeutical therapies. It addresses the individuum in a mindset of a system. This includes personal environment, own family background, work environment and how many problems, crises, and things are related with each other. Its comparable to a mobilier, when you pull one side, all other arms move as well. Once you understand this perspective of life, things are often clearer for my clients.

It works with resourced orientated approaches: looking for your own talents and your ways of dealing with problems before becoming parents. There is a huge focus on your own creativity and talents. You might be asked interesting questions like: “What would happen if someone came along and took the problem away, what would be there instead?” Or “what would be the most single little step you would need to do, to make a little change and who in the family would recognise this?”

I work with all different creative ways such as listening, giving research based information on different topics (eating, sleeping, playing pattern of babies and little toddlers, change of relationship, sleeping pattern of parents and own health of soul and body of parents), relaxation methods, deep breathing, yoga elements, and role plays.

The final goal is looking back on what you were wishing for as a family!

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