My name is Janine Diehl, I am a baby sleep coach, family coach and baby reflexologist. At the same time, I am mum of a young son, and I live with my partner in the Netherlands, in Tilburg. As a systemic couple and family coach, I help parents learn to comfort and soothe their babies well and help them learning to fall asleep, when this doesn`t work well. Further, I coach when it comes to other issues in the first years of parenthood (like feeding, relationship problems, self-confidence problems of the mother etc.)

Does your child have difficulties falling asleep or sleeping deeply? Do you have fears and doubts to let go of your child? Are you questioning yourself as mummy or daddy? Do your children show challenges that you can grow together and learn from? What I have seen through my many years of experience with families with young children, the problem is often not only in the child, but in the system, which is why it sometimes takes a brief accompanying and resolving non-functional patterns, to a close look at what the baby, toddler, mother, father and the whole family actually needs!

Every child and every family are very individual and have special needs, which is why flat-rate counsellors and programs often do not work. Parents often come to me with children with problems of falling asleep and staying asleep, while others have given up because interventions did not “work” or parents no longer believe in a solution! In my own experience as a mom, I understand very well the helplessness and desperation of parents, if you want to accompany your child to fall asleep, and that cannot be easily designed because your own child does not want to be put off, does not want to separate or fall asleep, without having to make parents-consuming and always the same procedures. And the child still stands up again, wants to crawl out of bed or is crying on the cot. The fact that these situations cause parents and children often a lot of stress and that often not only the child but also the parents “suffer” from it, I can empathazise.

But there is a simple and clear solution for parents and children! A clear concept with a mixture of expertise for his child individually put together, the accompaniment of a subject matter expert in order to understand exactly their own child and themselves in the best possible way and thus to “accompany” their child’s sensitivity, consistency and clarity of learning with a solution that lets the child sleep better and deeper in the long term because it learns to build a bond of trust with you.

“My drive is to help you further with your baby in your own family system!”

 – Janine Diehl